Fast Forward Devotional Journal

This book is published by Heir Force University Press.

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Author’s Preface

Greetings! Welcome to the Fast Forward Devotional Journal, Chain Breaker Edition. Whether you are fit like a stallion or a little doughy, consider this a call to level up your temple maintenance. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit that dwells in you. You are the priest of your temple. Temple maintenance goes with the territory.

When God calls you to purpose, He has something for you to do. If you truly want to live with purpose, God will help you to prepare. He can lead you to the people and places that you need to encounter in order to do His will – like this book.

Consecration is accomplished by the Holy Spirit. Your job as this mighty work is done in you is to remain prayerful, resist temptation, and lay aside anything drawing you away from right thinking, right speaking, and right believing.

For the next thirty-one days, prepare to go beyond the food and drink that sustains your outer covering.

Stick a fork in sin. It’s done.

Shenica R. Graham