365 Seeds of Promise

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We Live By Faith

Read The Bible In One Year: November 19th – 30th
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NovemberBookRead FromRead ToDevotional
19thRomansChapter 1Chapter 3Mission Next Door
20thRomansChapter 4Chapter 7 
21thRomansChapter 8Chapter 10Forgiving Yourself
22ndRomansChapter 11Chapter 13 
23rdRomansChapter 14Chapter 16 
24thI CorinthiansChapter 1Chapter 4 
25thI CorinthiansChapter 5Chapter 9 
26thI CorinthiansChapter 10Chapter 13 
27thI CorinthiansChapter 14Chapter 16He Will Carry Me
28thII CorinthiansChapter 1Chapter 4Under Attack
24thNumbersChapter 26Chapter 27Reconciliation
While I Am Waiting
30thII CorinthiansChapter 9Chapter 13An Unspeakable Gift