365 Seeds of Promise

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The New Church

Read The Bible In One Year: November 9th – 18th
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NovemberBookRead FromRead ToDevotional
9thActsChapter 1Chapter 3Bearing Fruit
10thActsChapter 4Chapter 6None Other Name
11thActsChapter 7Chapter 8 
12thActsChapter 9Chapter 10Dorcas: A Willing Worker
13thActsChapter 11Chapter 13Not Just Ordinary People
14thActsChapter 14Chapter 16Pure Faith
15thActsChapter 17Chapter 19Damaris: A Strong Woman
Priscilla: A Good Teacher
16thActsChapter 20Chapter 22A Faithful Witness
17thActsChapter 23Chapter 25Courage to Persevere
18thActsChapter 26Chapter 28