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Lions and Visions

Read The Bible In One Year: September 15th – 18th
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SeptemberBookRead FromRead ToDevotional
15thDanielChapter 1Chapter 3New Names   Daniel’s Resolve Not to Eat The King’s Meats Daniel promoted for Interpreting the King’s Dream Idols Down
16thDanielChapter 4Chapter 6The King Acknowledges God   Daniel Interprets the Vision of the Great Tree Daniel Interprets the Handwriting on the Wall King of The Jungle (Daniel in the Lions’ Den)
17thDanielChapter 7Chapter 9The Vision of the Four Beasts   The Ancient of Days Reigns The Son of Man Presented Daniel Interprets the Vision The Vision of a Ram and Goat The Little Horn The Vision Interpreted The Message (Daniel Prays for His People) Gabriel Brings an Answer Seventy Weeks and the Messiah
18thDanielChapter 10Chapter 12Daniel Terrified by a Vision   Fasting Forward Gabriel Delivers a Message of Conflicts to Come The Time of the End