365 Seeds of Promise

This book is published by Heir Force University Press.

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Introduction to the
365 Seeds of Promise Devotional

Read The Bible In One Year

The Bible (WORD of God) is an authoritative source.

Have you read the entire Bible? Start today! This book is a sample daily reading plan to help you chart a course through the entire Bible, every year. This repetition will help solidify your Biblical knowledge and create a solid foundation on which to build a strong relationship with God and cultivate your Chrisitan walk.

The Daily Reading Plan

The most important next steps in salvation, are growing your faith and sharing your faith. Daily devotion is one of the best ways to learn about your Great God and how to re-present Him to a world in need. God saved you to be a connector, a branch of His Vine, not a dead end. Don’t know how to share? That’s what the Heir Force does best!

The 365 Daily Bible Reading Plan suggests daily scripture readings. Reading at recommended pace of prescribed chapters and verses each day results in a full reading of the Bible in one year.

The plan is organized by major themes throughout the Bible. Since the Bible is a living tool, you can receive a new revelation from passages you have read before. It is important to keep reading, even after you have read the entire Bible because understanding what you read is important.

Sometimes you get a different revelation from reading the same scripture again. The best advice is to be consistent, read the Bible (KJV) every day, and use study helps and learning resources such as Mathew Henry’s Commentary on the Whole Bible, the Amplified Bible, and biblegateway.com (these are my favorite tools).

Having this daily reading plan helps you to read and re-read the Bible, year after year. This repetition will help you with scripture memory – a key element of daily Christian living (Proverbs 3:3-6, Proverbs 7:3).

A Prayer For You

Understanding what you read is more important than reading at a certain pace. The best advice is to be consistent. Read every day. Use study helps and learning resources.

I pray that your mind will be open to receive what God intends for you. May your spiritual eyes be open to seeing God working in response to your efforts to become a better steward of his grace toward you; a more effective tool that He may put to good use for the work of His kingdom.

May you have clarity in rightly diving the word of truth. May God anoint you and guard all works of righteousness in you, for you, through you, around you, and concerning you.  May your witness grow, affecting the hearts and minds of those you encounter, teaching them to observe that which God has given you to impart. May God bless you and forever keep you in His care.

Whether you are preparing to complete the full, 52-week devotional course, or seeking a refresher on certain topics relating to your faith walk, I pray that you will find encouragement and practical tools to help you grow as you make your journey with this series. I claim by faith that you will grow and find a deeper personal walk with Christ that will propel your efforts in growing effective ministry. May God richly bless you in the Holy Spirit!

I ask these blessings in JESUS’ HOLY NAME.